YAST Group is dedicated to developing international collaboration and business, it is an international commercial alliance platform that integrates global resources and outstanding teams. Its head office is set in Malaysia and the corporate business covers diversified areas such as healthcare, medicine, humanistic education, real estate, fund investment and etc. Due to the Chairman Madam Ether Law’s rich international social networks, a number of international cooperation, multinational business and projects had been established, and they contributed to the marketing which currently include more than twenty countries such as Southeast Asia market like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries like China, Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa and so on.


YAST Group thinks highly of corporate culture and values. It takes YAST as its corporate core value which stands for ‘友‘’爱‘’思‘’特‘’in Chinese respectively and ‘Connect with People’, ’Caring & Love’, ’Positive Thinking and Right Attitude’, ’Be Unique and Creative’ in English respectively. YAST Group aims to serve people from all around the world, to spread humane care and love, and to promote social peace and harmony. YAST Group has always been emphasizing active and positive thinking, self-improvement and self-promotion. Furthermore, YAST Group expects to motivate the idea of cross-border business by connecting multinational corporations of different fields, instilling uniqueness and innovation into the ongoing projects, inspiring imagination and finally navigate to new breakthroughs one after another.

Esther Law

Founder & Chairman, YAST GROUP

Major and Occupational Experiences:

  • Founder & Executive Chairman, Excellence Medicare (EMIC)
  • Honorary President, Xian Entrepreneurship Weekly Magazine , China (2011-now )
  • Honorary President of Jinsui Shaanxi Institute of International Automobile Institute(2011-now )
  • International Certified Trainer, American Association for the Certification of Training Program (AACTP)
  • The Founding Partner of John C. Maxwell Team
  • PSMB (Malaysia) Certified Trainer
  • Youth Mentor for career development, Guangdong Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Author- “Cancer and My Mission”(Chinese Version),  “Gateway to life’s Value”
  • Columnist of the Eastern Times (Malaysia), Long Life Magazine (Malaysia),Chinese Medical Journal, Healthy Living
  • Life Coach and role model for the younger generations, Leos


Posts Held in Organisations

  • Vice Chairman, Guangdong Cancer Rehabilitation Association, China
  • Secretary General, Asian Society of Cryosurgery(2012-2014-2016)
  • Secretary General, 18th International Society of Cryosurgery(2014-2016)
  • Vice President, Guangdong Institute for Cancer Prevention and Targeted Intervention and Control, Guangdong Province, China.
  • Director, Molecular Health Care Chapter of CPAM (China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medicare and Health care) China.
  • Chairperson, Molecular Health for Female reproduction section Committee, China Science and Technology Industry Association, China.
  • Charter President, Kuching Connections Toastmaster Club, Malaysia
  • Past Division D Governor, Toastmasters International District 51 (2005-2006-2007)
  • The first female president (2009-2010-2011) for the Lions Club of Kuching Host, Malaysia
  • Lions Club District 308-A2 Cabinet Officer(2011-2012), Responsible for “DC Family & Women’s Membership Development”
  • Deputy Chairman, Sarawak Society for the Deaf, Malaysia(2010-2011)


Rewards and Achievements

  • Toastmasters International District 51 “Most Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year” (2004-2005)
  • Toastmasters International District 51 “President distinguished Division”
  • The Champion of District Trainers Presentation Skill Contest in 2011 Multiple District 308 Lions Convention
  • The Lions Club which lead by Esther Law has won 7 awards namely “The Best Lions Club Award”, “Top 10 Club’s President Award”, “Top 10 secretary Award”, “Top 10 Treasurer Award”, “International Understanding Award”, “Excellent Service and Activity Award”, “Activity Planning Award” and “Action Packed Award” in 2011
  • Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards (TOYM) 2014
  • CSR Leader, McMillan Woods Global Awards 2017


Our Business

YAST Group’s current business

Excellence Medicare (EMIC)


EMIC was founded in 2005 in Malaysia by Madam Esther law Lee Poh–a Malaysian Chinese, which formerly known as Excellence Medicare Information Center , aims at promoting health management education and establishing health information networks.

At the very beginning, EMIC invited internationally renowned experts on cancer treatment to hold medical lectures tour in Malaysia through Constructing and running a comprehensive medical resource and information service platform. It is the mission of EMIC that to convey cutting-edge knowledge and ideas on cancer, to provide free expert clinic services to cancer patients and their families, to supply the best customized treatment plan for each patient.

Implementation of the concept of humane care for cancer

It’s found that nearly 70-80 % of cancer patients have to deal with invalid surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, high likelihood of recurrence of cancer and other thorny issues due to the late period of cancer when they were diagnosed.

EMIC have deeply experienced that: In many countries, especially in some developing countries, cancer patients have to face a serious shortage of medical channels for receiving cancer education and appropriate medical information.

Public interest in the promotion of health education and treatment in the process , accompanied overseas .The information asymmetry, often leading to cancer patients missed their precious golden-treatment period, even the end their lives with culminating fear, pain and torment brought by cancer.

Because of actively promoting of cancer humane care and education, EMIC have gained widespread social recognition and support from well-known media, nonprofit organizations and relevant government agencies. Through the implementation of individual-specific (customized) treatment programs, many hopeless cancer patients’ life were successfully saved in the help of the international cancer experts who were invited by EMIC.

With the development of EMIC, entrusted by an International Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, two non-profit international medical institutions and certain health care -related associations, the EMIC founder-Madam Esther law Lee Poo was appointed as the representative of the hospital, the Standing Committee and other key positions. Good at integration of resources, She expanded the original cancer education and consulting business area from Malaysia to other Southeast Asian countries (including Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei, etc.), the Middle East countries as well as developed countries such as the United States and Canada, so that cancer humane care and education could be reached by all over the world.

Enhancing the level of hospital services, and checking the quality of medical service

What worries cancer patients and their family more are the inconvenience, cultural differences, psychological stress when treated in countries outside their hometown, in addition to considering medical prognosis, cost and duration of stay and other preparatory issues.

To ensure that patients and their families get the proper arrangements during medical visits abroad, for eliminating the psychological concerns of patients so that they would be treated at ease, EMIC participate in the internal management of international hospitals, in assisting the construction of International Affairs with hospital consultant identity, so that different stages procession and responsibilities of medical service for patients could be improved.

Based on ten years experience with the humane care for cancer service , as well as the feedback and demand from cancer patients during oversea treatment procession , EMIC put forwarded BEU , 5C-2A-3C and other services model or strategic approach , so that to enhance the overall quality of services provided by hospitals.

These model and approach were set up as a guideline to improve the quality of medical services, were used to occupational psychology and on-job training.

Reposition, a brand new start for EMIC

In 2014, EMIC expand the platform and set up four offices in three countries and regions- China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Excellence Medical Consultancy Co., Ltd and Excellence Medical International Recourses Integration Co., Ltd, mainly focus on Chinese Hospital management consultancy and education programs as well as global medical advisory platform.

Relying on international medical cooperation, resources and tested programs, relying on decades of experience in international health care and management, international branding, international marketing and other aspects, EMIC provides a full range of advisory services to Chinese hospitals, involving enterprise culture, enterprise development, marketing model and strategy, business management and business service system and other aspects. During the consultation process, EMIC will provide a range of customized hospital training programs, and improve the supporting education system, which includes management processes and systems, establishing advisory service system and supporting staff education and training programs, to prepare properly for hospital international marketing, to reduce the cost of consumption, to shorten the trial period and to improve success rate of expansion in overseas markets.

It is the original intention of EMIC that to focus on supplying services to cancer patients and their families. Excellence Medical International Recourses Integration Co., Ltd will serve a wider range of world’s population and medical needed groups. EMIC is a resources and information integration platform. EMIC have successfully collaborated with a number of International medical institutions, local welfare associations, mainstream media, and related government agencies. In order to improve the public awareness of l health and medical knowledge, EMIC have held events on medical information around the world and presented prospective medical and technical knowledge.

Now, EMIC is investing website on medical information consultancy. Via this website, patients and their families can efficiently communicate with top international specialties and authorities of hospitals. And then several targeted treatment recommendations would be suggested, according to individual situation and medical history of patients.

In addition to the network service, EMIC will establish several advisory service sites in some cities in promotion, with the help of local charities and social organizations, which aims at convenient services for local people, at arranging relevant details for consultation and treatment abroad in advance.

By the collaboration platform, EMIC will introduce quality technologies with therapeutic benefits to the patients in need all around the world. By the platform, global communication on healthcare would be promoted, professional medical knowledge to the public would be received through authoritative channels, the public awareness of health and medical knowledge would be enhanced, patients and their families in urgent need of medical programs would be helped in time.

EMIC will be a bridge between patients and medical professionals. And then the patients will acquire the opportunity to communicate with experts and obtain customized solutions as soon as possible, with the quality of life improved in the near future.

Excellence Medicare Website

Our Business

YAST Education


Generally speaking, enterprises see corporate training nothing more than an approach to improve employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes toward work. In fact, it is an effective means to increase work performance and achieve better business result. At the meantime, it works as a strategy carry forward corporate culture, improve employees’ loyalty and strengthen team spirit. In addition, corporate training is also a welfare for individual promotion which helps the company to keep the talents from leaving, that are normally significant for further improving or maintaining enterprise competition strengths.

Recently, how enterprises see corporate training has changed dramatically. It changed from original ‘Doubt’ in the 80’s to ‘Trust Blindly’ in the 90’s and finally came to ‘Rational’ in 2010s. Today, a majority of enterprises have realized that traditional training can only bring a brief sense of well-feeling for the employees or the company without long lasting effect. Which means the work performance has not seen improvements and problems have not got resolved after the training. The standardized and normally mandatory corporate training mode has brought tolerance effects on employees and turned corporate training a welfare into a burden for them.

YAST Group founder Madam Ether Law, who has rich entrepreneurial experiences and knows corporate training and culture construction inside and out. She points out that, a stable development and competence advantage maintenance cannot simply rely on the corporate training itself, rather, it should start with an integrate long-term holistic enterprise development plan and train the enterprise to become a Learning Enterprise, and these are the keypoints of a highly efficient long-term development strategy.

The employee development system ’70:20:10’developed by Dell, interprets the concept of Learning Enterprise as below:

  • 10% through standardized training and study;
  • 20% through observation, tutoring and guiding;
  • 70% through work, practice and experiences.

YAST runs education in a form of humanistic education, it attaches importance to the training programs that are more inspiring and motivational. YAST emphasizes the inner enlightenment of every learners during the learning process, it manages to simplify the study content and make it more practical, restructure the learning program to become an easy, learnable and functional system that each participants can learn efficiently.

YAST values humanistic education and it actively promotes training program and education mechanism which emphasizes the close connection between team and individual performance and personal development. YAST highlights the cultivation of independent learning habits among individuals or groups which plays an essential role in self-growth and keeping absolute competition advantage.

YAST Group docks with renowned educational institutions, training centres and successful enterprises such as GEC China, the world’s first professional training institution which providing trainer certification AACTP(American Association for the Certification of Training Program), and also the world’s first leading master, Maxwell Leadership Training Group. We integrates highly effective training programs and training models, to make sure the class diversified, practical and interactive so as to pass the essence of knowledge on to the learners.

Apart from the previous standardized teaching approach for professional knowledge, the Quality Class for Commercial Courses, YAST aims to cultivate the learners outstanding habits that guarantee success in business. Additionally, we use the updated real-life examples as teaching materials to analyse and discover the keys why successful entrepreneurs always stand firm in business. The class will open you a brand new commercial vision and sense, overturn the traditional commercial theories and mind, simplify the tedious and trivial corporate operating procedure, allow the enterprise efficiency got promoted comprehensively.


Curriculum & Programs

Exceeding Your Expectations


John C. Maxwell Certified & Licensed to use 

  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • How to be a REAL Success
  • Leadership Gold
  • Put Your Dreams to the Test
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth



YAST Group possesses the rich international networks and resources that are capable of introducing potential enterprises, industries and commercial goods to investors that are from all over the world always. As the door of foreign investment of YAST Group, YAST Investment carries out integrated investment plan, collect investment funds and invests for diversified international projects. The projects include stocks, bonds, currency, funds, real estate, technologies and commercial goods.

The YAST Group founder Madam Esther Law attaches great importance to the spirit of enterprise collaboration, and pursues for win-win business strategy. For many years she provided assistance and suggestions to a lot of partners in aspects of enterprise culture construction and development. Particularly, she is passionate about helping new entrepreneurs in mapping out business plans and making them become successful entrepreneurs. That is why she keeps on searching for potential new start-ups and enrolling them as investees of YAST Group, and rendering them practical assistance and support.


Our Business


Kee Ming Seafood is YAST Group’s leading company in development of seafood production and trade projects. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has set up offices in Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as three processing plants in Kalimantan, Indonesia, for local fishery capture, cultivation, acquisition and processing processes. It is managed by a team of more than 20 years of experience in the maritime industry. Besides, it distributes fresh seafood to China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Korea and other places through the frozen transport, completing one-stop seafood trade independently.

At present, Kee Ming Seafood only produces jellyfish and the annual output is more than 600 tons. As it masters first-hand resources of local jellyfish, the quality of its seafood is fresh, it has the absolute cost advantage, which attains high praise from all over the world.

Afterwards, in addition to expanding the amount of jellyfish production, Kee Ming Seafood will also be put into production of lobster and crabs and other high-demand fresh seafood, in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.


Our Business


Agriculture is one of the key investment projects for YAST Group in Sarawak. In addition to the moderate climate, the local has unbroken, vast and undeveloped mountainous areas, which is suitable for the development of large-scale palm oil cultivation project. Now the company has an area of palm oil in the local Sampadi area, which is expected to enter the harvest period in 2020. Besides, the second phase of the palm oil tree planting area have been designated as well. It will enter the development stage after the completion of construction for the first phase of the park.


Our Business

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