Interview by several media both nationally and internationally:

2003-9-30 International Times 古晋人会理财吗?
2005-12-19 Guangming Daily 智慧女人刘丽宝不仅靠一张嘴
2006-8-5 Guangming Daily 刘丽宝提供医院资讯不收钱
2009-1-22 Sinchew Daily 刘丽宝绿色人缘包含着爱
2009-1-22 Malaysia Daily 刘丽宝绿色人缘包含着爱
2009-8-16 Eastern Times Would I have the courage to lead a normal life
2010-10 Seni Hias Sentuhan Esther
2013-3-31 Seehua Daily 从沙子磨成珍珠,刘丽宝光芒藏不住
2014-5 SH Business Monthly Issue422 女性温柔特质,引领美容及养生企业
2014-5-6 Oriental Daily 母病领悟,刘丽宝闯医疗界助人
 2014-11-15  Seehua Daily 杰青刘丽宝载誉荣归
 2014-11-15  Sinchew Daily 膺马十大杰出,刘丽宝衣锦还乡
 2014-11-16  International Times 刘丽宝荣获大马10大杰出青年奖
 2014-11-16  United Daily 当选十大杰出青年,刘丽宝为砂争光
2014-11-17 The Sunday Post Esther Law wins JCI award
2014-11-30 The Sunday Post A calling to help cancer patients